We create an opportunity for like-minded business owners to connect without being sold to.

2 business owners sitting at a table enjoying conversation with others at a Cub Seven event, with other business owners in the background

Club Seven is a peer-to-peer business club for business owners with an annual turnover +$2million.

During professional, short, sharp luncheon events members meet like-minded business owners to discuss challenges, opportunities and ideas.

Strategically seated with other business owners depending on what you are looking to achieve, typical discussions may focus on:

  • How to reward great team members without continually increasing wages
  • Methods to get managers and senior team members to think like the business owner
  • Is digital marketing and social media really worth it?
  • How to get a business ready for sale – and get the best price
  • Taking advantage of Government grants
  • Expand or outsource?

Discussing topics with business owners who have dealt with these and similar issues can provide insight and solutions for your business.

No consultants, no coaches, no one trying to sell you their products or services – just other business owners with lived experiences, the good and the bad.

Club Seven events are focused on the members but the guest speakers are another highlight – successful business owners, who share their journey to inspire, educate and create.


Take time to work on your business rather than in it.

Meet business owners from a variety of industries. Architects, financial advisers, designers, real estate agents, retail, builders, just to name a few.

No matter what your business does, owners all experience the same positive and negative challenges at some point in their business cycle.

  • Rapid growth or no growth
  • Aspirational employees vs. lazy employees
  • Cashflow
  • Work/life balance etc.

These issues and more need addressing aside from the day to day product or service you sell.

Attendees deep in conversation at a Club Seven event
What our attendees are saying…

When Club Seven was first launched in the Sutherland Shire, 542 Partners joined immediately. The concept provided a great opportunity to interact with like minded people running businesses of similar size. It provided a forum to discuss the challenges of business and view these from a different perspective from attendees who are not operating in the same industry as you. Whilst selling your services to attendees at the meetings is not allowed, the connections made inevitably provided opportunities for new business or service needs we could tap into.


Two event speakers at a Club Seven event with attendees watching and one business owner taking a photo of the speakers

We know how valuable time is for businesses, so we purposely create events that are short, sharp and in a relaxed environment.

Brett Power, Power Marketing and Business Development Solutions created Club Seven after attending business networking events where the sole objective was for people to “sell” their business and services to guests and members.

Events were long and quite often resulted in the “long lunch”.

Time is valuable in this fast-paced world and needs to be used constructively. Club Seven provide opportunity in a relaxed environment for you to work on your business rather than in it.